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    Imminent Updates

    April is packed with updates, and we want to give you an advanced heads-up of the great content we've got lined up:
    Off-hand weapons, throwing knives and mage gear are making their debut in Dungeoneering, as will a new reward: the charming imp gathers dropped summoning charms for you outside of Daemonheim's dungeons.
    God Wars is becoming instanced so you can ensure that you're only playing with friends. This'll help you with the brand new hard mode, aimed at the toughest boss fight fanatics.

    A whole stack of Evolution of Combat refinements, including hit chances being more consistent; more balanced gear scaling through levels; combat levels, potions and prayer having added influence on combat effectiveness; and new armour for the more offence-minded amongst you.
    Charm sprites are being overhauled for more Hunter XP and more accessible Summoning charms.
    Graphical, gameplay and functionality improvements galore for Castle Wars and the Duel Arena.

    We've left the biggest announcement until last...
    RuneScape 3 is Coming

    Signups for closed BETA sessions commence on April 3rd.

    As a Premier Club member you don't have to do a thing - you are already automatically enrolled. Guaranteed BETA access means you will be amongst the first to experience the next generation of RuneScape.

    The first session begins shortly after signups - the next evolution of RuneScape is closer than you think!

    For more information on RuneScape 3, check out the latest BONUS edition of Behind the Scenes!

    That's all for this quarter's newsletter. Watch this space in 3 months time for more RuneScape exclusives!
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